Thunderbird 1.0 Released

ThunderbirdMozilla Thunderbird went gold with their 1.0 release today. If you like what Firefox has done for the web browser you may want to give Thunderbird a try. I made the jump to Thunderbird around version 0.9 and really like what they have done. Previously I was using the Mozilla Suite even though I had switched to Firefox for my browser quite a while back. I’m a little more careful with my e-mail client since I have a ton of archived e-mail that I don’t want to lose. I wanted to wait until I knew Thunderbird was stable before I moved over. I’m not officially Mozilla Suite free.

Some of the new features in version 1.0 include:

  • Adaptive Junk Mail Controls
  • RSS Integration
  • Saved Search Folders
  • Global Inbox Support
  • Message Grouping
  • Privacy Protection
  • Comprehensive Mail
    Migration from other Mail Clients
  • And more…

If you’re looking for a simple clean easy-to-use safe e-mail client… Thunderbird is your bird – err program.
Give it a try today!

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