No More Winamp

winamp logoAccording to this article at BetaNews, Nullsoft, the company that created Winamp is no more. The final developer from the original Winamp team has left. After Justin Frankel, the founder of Nullsoft left last January (right after the release of Winamp 5), it was just a matter of time before AOL finally killed it off for good. Winamp is still available, but there won’t be any more major updates. It’s a sad day when the only media player I’ve ever used (as my primary player) is no more. Winamp was the program I used to play my first mp3 file back in 1996. AOL purchased Nullsoft from Frankel in 1999 for around $100 million and it looks like we can chalk up another company that they’ve successfully run into the ground.

R.I.P. Nullsoft/Winamp
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