iPod Updates

AppleApple released a slew of new iPod goodies today. The first new iPod is a special edition black “U2” version. It is just your typical 20GB iPod with one subtle difference… it’s black with a red Apple click wheel and the band’s signatures laser engraved on the back. It sells for $349 which includes $50 towards the purchase of “The Complete U2,” a collection of the complete U2 catalog (400 songs) from the iTunes music store.

The other new iPod release is the iPod Photo which comes in a 40 or 60GB model. The iPod Photo has a color screen and can be used to store and view digital photos. It also has a video out which allows you to connect it to a TV to view your photos (with music of course!). This iPod will also display album covers for the music on your device. This one runs $499 for the 40GB and $599 for the 60GB.

Would anyone like to donate a few hundred dollars to the buy-me-an-iPod fund?

U2 iPod and iPod Photo


gravatar Kate

just buy one! it’s totally worth it!!!! except now i wish i would have waited for the color one! 🙂

gravatar Erin

i think that you should still sell iPod mini’s becuzz myne went through the wash, and i WANT ONE REALLLLY BAD. i hate that they dont sell them anymore. gosh!

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