Google Suggest Beta

GoogleBoy, those folks a Google keep coming up with cool stuff! They’ve added a neat twist to the regular search. It’s called Google Suggest, and it suggests (hence the name) search terms live as you enter them into the search field. Give it a try!


gravatar Kieran

I am going to try something, I am going to start typing this comment and see if Google will finish typing it with some sort of witty punch line. Here goes nothin. . .

gravatar Kieran

OK, I just tried this search feature. I am simultaneously impressed and scared. I tried three or four random searches. Below is the text I typed (trying to see how intuitive the search feature was) and how accurate suggest was:
1. Mighty –the third option listed was what I was looking for: “Mighty Mighty Bosstones”
2. Frag –“Fraggle Rock” was the second option and also what I was trying to bring up.
3. Jau –the first option was “Jaundice” which is what I was trying to bring up.

This is just a little creepy (the accuracy of suggest, I mean, not my search choices).

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