New Magazine from the Publishers of Wired

Wired Magazine is launching a trial edition of a new magazine called “Test” which is basically an entire magazine of the review section of Wired. I’m an avid Wired reader, and their review section being one of my favorite parts, I’m looking forward to this new mag. It is supposedly being released in a limited edition to newsstands around the first of the year. If you aren’t able to find the print version, they’ve made available a PDF download of the first issue.

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gravatar Kieran

Technofiles Unite!
Er, OK, so this is like pornography for your inner-geek. I have to admit that I laughed aloud at the Gadget Lab section where they reviewed a couple great products listed:
Carpet Skates:
Binary LED Clock (rating is also given in binary– 0111/1010):
Caffeinated Soap:

Here is the review for the caffeinated soap:

“I never have the energy to brew coffee in the morning. Lucky for me, this bar of soap
doles out 200 milligrams of soul-nourishing caffeine per wash – equal to about two
cups of joe. The 4-ounce bar made my skin tingle, and after a few minutes in the tub
I felt so energized I wanted to re-spackle the whole bathroom. Best of all, no coffee
breath. – C.B.”

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