Mentos Rainbow Discovered in USA

I was meeting a friend for lunch a few weeks ago on the health sciences campus at The University of Iowa. We were grabbing a sandwich in the EMRB Cafe when I happened across a heavenly roll of Mentos that made my entire day. There was a display stand on the checkout counter with rolls of the new Mentos Rainbow flavor. I originally posted about them last year when they showed up in the UK. After seeing some ads on TV about the rainbow rolls, I figured it was only a matter of time before they made it to our side of the pond.

The rolls include seven different flavors, with four of them being flavors not available in any other rolls available in the US. The nice thing about the rainbow rolls, is you get two candies of each flavor, and they’re in the exact order that you see on the package, so there are no surprises.


  • Strawberry – these are currently available in their own rolls or in mixed fruit rolls.
  • Pineapple – these are new to the US, and area a very sweet pineapple flavor with a bit of an odd aftertaste.
  • Grape – these are one of my favorite flavors of Mentos (not currently available in the US), and have a very powerful sweet grape flavor.
  • Raspberry – these are also new the the US, and are a flavor I’ve never had before from anywhere.
  • Orange – these are currently available in mixed fruit rolls.
  • Cherry – this flavor was added a few years back to the mixed fruit boxes of Mentos (not available in any rolls).
  • Watermelon – these are a new flavor, and are probably my favorite addition to the rainbow rolls.

All in all, the rainbow rolls are a great mix of Mentos. Of all the different types available in the US currently, the rainbow rolls provide the most variety and are probably my favorite Mentos buy at the moment. If you happen to come across rainbow Mentos, definitely buy a roll… or two… or three.. or ten!


gravatar Kieran

Why only one roll in this picture? This was a missed opportunity for the rare yet famous “Double Rainbow.” I am dissapoint.

gravatar Tim

If they are rainbow flavored, why is there no green? Or is the Watermelon green?

gravatar Kevin

I swear I ate a sour apple after my watermelon mentos today. I feel that the packaging lied to me. Also, why didn’t they ROYGBIV the flavors? Now I have to resort the flavors every time I buy them!

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