Mentos History

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a Mentos post. Don’t worry, I still love them and am still obsessed with them. I still get rare Mentos deliveries from other countries (via my Mentos Ambassadors) In fact, I’m sitting next to a large pile of rare Mentos as I type this post. I was scrolling through my feed reader last night and up comes a really great article from Mental_floss that took me on a trip down memory lane through the history of Mentos.

The Bizarre History of Those ’90s Mentos Commercials (via Mental_floss)

I remember a lot of that and most of it is probably the reason I became obsessed with the candy of the gods. The article mentions the Mentos FAQ, which I fondly remember accessing via Usenet back in the early days of the Internet. Take a trip down memory lane about how Mentos gained their popularity in the US.

Also, I’ll just leave this here…

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