Some New(ish) Mentos Flavors

I’ve actually had these new flavors sitting around for a few months and haven’t gotten around to posting them until now.

Duo Strawbery-Lime and Lakrits Mint MentosThe first two, Duo and Lakrits Mint were found in the US at a World Market store. The Duo flavor is a strawberry shell with a lime center and works pretty well together. The Lakrits Mint is very similar if not the same as the licorice flavor that I’ve been able to find for quite some time. In fact, I remember finding licorice flavor, called lakrids or drop ladrids back in the 90’s at a Dutch bakery in Pella Iowa. They’re good if you like licorice flavor. It’s kind of a minty licorice, which works well together.

Mojito - Pina Colada MentosThe next flavor I’ve been able to find pretty regularly in the US at grocery stores. It’s not as common as the standard mint and fruit, but I’ve been seeing it more often lately. It’s a half and half roll with one side filled with piñacolada and the other side with mojito. These are both wonderful! I mean, how could it not be good when you cross tropical drinks with the best candy in the world? The mojito is a nice minty lime flavor, which the piñacolada is a creamy pineapple. They both taste like the drink they are named after. It’s a lovely mentos for popping while you’re sitting on the beach.

Frutas Acidas MentosThe last flavor is one I found on a recent trip to Europe. I saw these at a few place, but these were purchased in Barcelona at a little news/candy stand on the street. The flavor is frutas ácidas, and is similar to the sour flavor found in the US. The wrapper is very different and I think (can’t quite remember what was in the US roll) that the actual fruit flavors were a bit different. Either way, it was pretty good.

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gravatar Gerry

Excellent flavours, unfortunately I’ve not been able to find any of them in the UK :-/

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