Candy Cane Mentos

Candy Cane Mentos
Mentos Candy Cane

It has been quite some time since my last Mentos post. Don’t worry, I still love them and am still obsessed with them. I guess I just haven’t found anything newsworthy to say recently. I was browsing the holiday clearance section in Walgreens today, and ran across a roll I hadn’t seen before: Candy Cane Mentos. The roll caught my eye because it was in a red and white holiday striped package that claimed to be a new flavor. I was sad that nobody stuck one in my stocking for Christmas. They were super on sale, so I bought a couple rolls.

I popped one out as soon as I got in the car, and each Mentos candy has a small holiday icon on it. I’ve noticed that they’ve been doing more printing on Mentos lately. The flavor is really close to the standard mint, but there is a very slight hint of sweeter candy cane flavor in them. I think these were more about the packaging than the new flavor. Either way, they were a fun new roll… that I would love to find in my stocking… next year.

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