Amazon Dash Button for Mentos

If ever there was a frivolous device it’s the Amazon Dash Button. Unfortunately, they made one I couldn’t turn down. You all know that I’m obsessed with Mentos, so when I discovered there was a Dash Button that would send me Mentos at the touch of a button, I had to order it. It showed up in the mail today and I ran through the setup, which requires installing the Amazon App on your phone and syncing it to the button. It gave me the choice of a few Mentos items (a case of 15, mint Mentos, and a few options for Mentos Gum), confirmed my shipping address and it was ready to go. So now whenever I have a craving for Mentos (OK, that’s always), I can hit a button and they will be on my front steps in 48 hours thanks to Amazon Prime.

Mentos Dash Button

Novel concept? Sure, that’s why I bought it (and because it says Mentos on it)
Frivolous and unnecessary? Yah, that too (but it says Mentos on it!).

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