Demo of MS Photosynth Composing App

Microsoft Research at The Univeristy of Washington has put together a really amazing new demo of thier Photosynth Composing Application. It takes large collections of photos from many different users (i.e. flickr or smugmug), and builds a 3D environment out of those photos by stiching them together at various locations and depths around the subject. Then filters are placed on the images to adjust the colors to make the movement through them more fluid or remove all the day shots or night shots so the resulting movement doesn’t jerk back and fourth through dark and light photos. There is a great video on YouTube demonstrating the process and what’s possible with this software. This is really cool, and I can’t wait till it’s available on a wider basis.

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gravatar Brian

cool. I didn’t read all of that, but how do computers know what parts of that go where? A person has to tell it where to start.

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