iPhone 3G

The rumors were correct. Apple announced the 3G iPhone yesterday at their Worldwide Developers Conference.  I have to say I’m very tempted. My year-old Treo 755p is looking a little long in the tooth. After several people I know have picked up iPhones over the past year, I’ve gotten to like the device more and more. The major thing that turned me off the iPhone when it was released was the lack of external applications. That will be changing very shortly. Apple announced a software developers kit for the iPhone back in March, and will open the floodgates for custom apps with the release of the iPhone 3G (and previous iPhones) in July. I’m really curious to see what apps start showing up for this thing. With my major complait out of the way, Apple improved new device even more with the addition of 3G data speeds (that was almost another deal killer), GPS, and a cheaper price. That said, there are still a few seemingly easy things missing from the iPhone.

  • MMS
    Where the heck is picture texting? You would have a hard time finding a cheap freebie phone that didn’t have this feature
  • Video Capture
    This isn’t a huge deal, but again seems to be a pretty common feature on all the cheapo phones out there these days. I’d be willing to bet there are a bunch of apps released that include this feature. (audio recording would be nice too!)
  • Lack of Cut and Paste
    This has been a major complaint since the initial release.
  • Lack of Bluetooth Data Tethering
    I do this from time to time with my Treo, and it is nice to get an Internet connection on my laptop when there is no wifi in sight (riding in the car).

None of these are really deal killers for me. I will take a long hard look at the iPhone when my current Sprint contract expires in the next year. Also, if you didn’t catch the Steve Jobs Keynote video here is a great remix from Mahalo Daily chopping the 107 minute video down to 60 seconds.


gravatar Brian

Booo. Sony Ericsson X1 Experia, HTC Diamond, and Samsung i900 Omnia are what I’ve got my eyes on.

gravatar Scott Fiddelke

I’m not ruling any of those out (except maybe the sony). I really like the stuff that HTC is doing. The only problem is they all run Windows Mobile. I know they all have custom interfaces on top of WM, but I’m not sure how deep they go. I played w/WM before getting my Treo, and did not like it. I’m not just going to jump blindly to the iPhone 3G. I’ll do my research and see what else is out there too. I do like what the iPhone 3G has to offer though.

gravatar Danny Engesser

I have a real dilemma Scott… The contract for my MotoQ ends on July 11th… the new iPhone comes out on the same day. Yes, the new iPhone has 3G… unfortunately, Iowa does not… anywhere! If you check the data coverage maps in Iowa there is no AT&T 3G service… ugh!!! What to do. My only consolation is that when I got my MotoQ, Iowa did not yet have EVDO, but it got “turned on” a few months into my contract.

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