Control Video Games With Your Mind

I read a small blurb in Wired Magazine about a company called Emotiv Systems that has created a really interesting product called the EPOC. It basically brings brain control to your computer or to video games. The EPOC is a headband helmet type thing that actually picks up your brain waves allowing you to interact with a video game or a computer simply by thinking about it. The videos make the interactions look very simplified in their demo games. There is also an emotion sensing piece to it as well – you smile, and your avatar smiles, you frown, so does your avatar. Given the simple demos, I’m willing to cut them some slack since it’s just a version 1 product, and it’s freakin’ brain wave control for crying out loud. They’re promising a release date before the holidays this year, and the price is only $299, which seems really cheap for brain control. This thing looks like it is has some promise, and when this thing is out, we’ll see how developers take advantage of it. I can’t wait till I don’t have to manipulate a keyboard and a mouse to run around an blow things up in my computer games. This is just one step closer to putting you inside the game.


gravatar Aprille

I read that in Wired too, and I thought, “Holy shit, I must be misunderstanding what this is,” and I kind of forgot about it. You’re going to get it, right? RIGHT?

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