RSS Primer/Demo

In putting together an RSS presentation and threw together a bunch of resources that I thought might also be relevant here.

What is RSS?
Rich Site Summary
Really Simple Syndication
RDF Site Summary
rss buttons

RSS is an XML format used for syndicating regularly updated web content (headlines, news, blog posts, etc.).

Resources defining RSS:
Intro to RSS for Educational Designers

How Do I Read RSS Feeds?

The RSS feeds themselves aren’t meant to be read by humans. Programs called aggregators (both software and web-based) can decipher the XML code into something that is easy to read and easy to manage. Aggregators can hold and display multiple feeds making it easy to check out the content from your favorite sites without actually having to visit every single site by itself. The aggregator automatically checks the RSS feeds that you are subscribed to and tells you when there has been new content posted. So, those 15 sites that you check every day used to take 15 or more separate clicks now only takes 1 click (plus, you don’t have to put up with all of the pop-up ads, annoying colors, tiny font faces etc. that you would by visiting the site).

Popular Aggregators:
Collection of popular aggregators
Most used aggregators

Bloglines (web-based aggregator)

Feedreader (free/open source PC aggregator)
NetNewsWire (Mac OS X – $39)
Firefox (livebookmarks included w/free browser download)
Sage (free plug-in for Firefox browser)
Pluck (free IE and Firefox plug-in)
Lektora (free IE and Firefox plug-in)
SharpReader (free PC aggregator)
NewsGator (both web-based and MS Outlook plug-in $29)
FeedDemon ($29.95)

Where do I find Feeds?
RSS feeds are becoming more and more popular as more people start to use them. There are several sites that catalog RSS feeds based on subject.

Bloglines also includes a large list of feeds to subscribe to.

How Do I Add an RSS Feed For My Content?

Many blogging tools have RSS feeds built into them. A free, easy-to-use blogging tool is Blogger. Otherwise these articles will get you started adding a feed to your existing content.


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