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garageband.comDoes anyone remember the old Not the current version of the site that was bought out by c|net… which is nothing like the original. was started by Michael Robertson in 1997 as a portal for the growing mp3 format. It became a very popular site showcasing new and unknown artists. All of the content on the original was provided by individual artists. In November of 2003 c|net purchased and changed it from a network of independent artists’ music to a directory of music. Much of the old content from the original is still available at a site called Garageband has the old archive of content (those they were able to get permission from the original artists to host) and provides the same music hosting service for independent artists to host their music. It’s nice that a partial legacy of the old still lives on, but nothing really touching the glory days that the original celebrated during the dot com boom.

Some articles on the history of – We Made History
Michael Robertson and MP3

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gravatar Zed Essex

Hey I had music on that site, I’ll have to see if it’s still there on Garageband!

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