Google Releases Updated Ver. 1.0 Desktop Search

Google DesktopGoogle has released an updated version of their Desktop Search that I mentioned in an earlier post. The new version adds quite a few new items to the search results. There is also a new plug-in’s area to expand the searches even further. The new searchable items include:

  • Netscape Mail / Thunderbird
  • Netscape / Firefox / Mozilla
  • PDF
  • Music
  • Images
  • Video

I’ve had pretty good luck with the desktop search. It definitely works WAY better than the integrated Outlook search when I’m trying to find an old e-mail message.

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gravatar Daniel

You might also check out Lookout. It’s a plug-in to Outlook that searches email & documents. Fast and good. Microsoft liked it so much they bought the company. At any rate, it’s still a free download. Check it out over here

I’ve also heard people recommend Copernic, another desktop search product that’s a free download here:

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