Google Adds Satellite Imagery to Maps

satelliteGoogle has taken their already-cool maps/directions tool and added yet another great improvement. They’ve integrated their Keyhole technology to bring satellite images to the maps. So now instead of looking at cartoony maps, you can view locations or directions with actual satellite images.

To view the satellite images, simply enter your address or location into Google Maps, and click the “satellite” link in the upper-right. You still have all the same features that Google Maps offers (searching, dragging the map, zooming) only with satellite images.

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gravatar Jian Zhou

Hi Scott, beside magazine, I also like to look through Tech TV,popular website and tech blog. 🙂 Sorry if there is any offense for leaving comments here. This article is very good example of creativity. Sometime the great ideas came from the synergy of current products.Actually, before I came to Iowa for interviewing, I also used this functionality to try to view the identity of the library. Unfortunately, there is not satellitte image of the library.:( Another good move of Google is that they try to scan a large volume of library materials across the major libraries of America.This is also a trend of library technology, namely easy to search and find the right materials. Google is currently the most fascinating company in Silicon Valley. I used to drive through 101 and was really impressed by the cluster of famous companies there(Yahoo, Apple, Intel, Cisco, Sun Microsystem, Ebay…). On the other hand, I still can access and anticipate the technogical progress in California even after I move to Iowa for my graduate study because of the mature of internet technology fostered by the Silicon Valley.

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