Apple Releases New iPods

appleApple today released a small bump in the iPod line with capacity price, and color updates for the iPod Mini and the iPod Photo. They also bumped up the battery life on the Mini to 18hrs while removing the gold colored player (it must not have been a very good seller).

The new updates look like this:

    iPod Miniipod mini

  • New 6GB Model. $249
  • 4GB Model. $199
  • Up to 18hrs Battery Life
  • 3 New Colors (brighter?)
    iPod Photo

  • 30GB. $349
  • 60GB. $449

The 20GB and 40GB iPods ($299 and $399) haven’t changed. I also read in this c|net report that Apple has plans to release a $29 adapter that allows one to move digital photos directly from a camera to the iPod Photo. So it looks like you can get 4x’s the capacity of the new iPod Shuffle plus a screen for just $50 more… it’s tempting!

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