Everybody Needs an App Store

Shoppingcart_128x128Since Apple released their official App Store in July of ’08, everyone has been jumping on the App Store Bandwagon. Every couple of weeks you see some new company releasing an App Store for whatever platform they represent. Some make sense, and some are a little far-fetched.

LG Applicatoin Store
They’re selling apps for LG phones

HP Touchsmart App Store
HP is selling apps for their Touchsmart line of printers.

Android Market
Very similar to the iPhone App Store, Google sells apps for phone running their Android OS.

Samsung App Store
Samsung sells apps for their phones

Twitter App Store
A company called oneforty started an app store for all the applications out that interact with Twitter.

Blackberry App World
Of course Blackberry needs an app store to compete with the iPhone

Java App Store
This is an app store for applications written in Java

Palm WebOS App Catalog
If everyone else has one, then Palm needs an app store (excuse me, catalog) to sell WebOS apps.

Palm Software Store
Before the launch of the Palm Pre, Palm also had a “Software Store” for selling PalmOS Apps.

Windows Marketplace for Mobile
Not to be confused with Windows Marketplace (silly MS Marketing), Microsoft jumped into the game with an app store to sell apps for Windows Mobile devices.

Ovi Store
Ovi must mean “app” in Nokia

Archos AppsLib
Archos is distributing Apps for its (non-phone) Android devices.

Squeezebox App Gallery
This app store distributes apps for Logitech’s Squeezebox media player.

Sony Ericsson App Store
Selling apps for Sony Ericsson Phones

San Francisco App Store
That’s right, even the city of San Francisco is getting in on the action with an app showcase for apps using their city data.

The federal government is also jumping on the bandwagon with apps.gov. They’re providing government data in the cloud and a place for apps that access and analyze that data in interesting ways.

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