Asus Announces Eee Keyboard

Asus, the company that started the whole netbook trend announced a cool new product yesterday. It’s called the Eee Keyboard, and is an entire computer (HTPC) built into a keyboard.

Asus Eee KeyboardThe keyboard has a built-in touch screen where the number pad normally goes, which can display widgets, RSS feeds, calendars and more.  This thing will supposedly connect via wireless HDMI, making it a perfect little HTPC that can be carried from room to room, or TV to TV. Unfortunately this is only a prototype, and no official release has been announced, so who knows when or even if this thing will make it to the market. If it does, it look to be a pretty sweet little keyboard… err computer.

ASUS Press Release – Eee Keyboard
Being the first multi-media center enabled by ultra wideband HDMI, the Eee Keyboard is not only a fully-functional PC; it also serves as a hub that wirelessly connects all multimedia devices to utilize any monitor or TV as a viewing platform.

More info and photos:

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