Toilet Technology

For all of you guys out there (ladies you can tune this post out unless you use one of these) that have issues hitting the bowl at night. There’s now a brilliat new device to help you out… The Jonny Glow!

This dazzlling pice of technology is apparently a ring of (obviously waterproof) glow tape that you put around the bowl of your toilet to give you someting to aim for in the dark. No more peeing on the floor!

A testimonial from Morton Heidbecker St. Louis, MO on their website:

Then, as desperation set in, I spotted in the distance an ethereal, seraphic glow. Then I realized it was an even more heavenly sight — the gentle shine of Jonny Glow beckoning me, as a light house to a storm tossed sailor!

Jonny Glow even has a great theme song.

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