New Firefox, Thunderbird, and the Suite – Big Day for Mozilla

FirefoxIt was a big day for the Mozilla Foundation with a new release of Thunderbird 0.8, Firefox Preview Release 1.0, and Mozilla Suite 1.7.3.

This preview release of Firefox is the first of probably two before the full 1.0 release in a few month in 4th quarter of 2004. Download it and try it out (find some bugs) so that Firefox can be the best browser it can be.

Also be sure to check out the new Spread Firefox community marketing campaign. If you know anyone still using IE… have them take the 5 day Firefox Challenge.

What’s New:

  • Global Inbox
  • Comprehensive Data Migration
  • RSS Integration
  • Improved Privacy Controls
  • Improved Quick Search
  • Other New Features…


  • Live Bookmarks (RSS Agregator/Reader)
  • Improved Find
  • Managing Annoyances and Protecting Security
  • Better Bookmarks
  • Strong Encryption For Passwords Available
  • Improved Compatibility for IE users
  • Better System Integration for GNOME users
  • A load of bug fixes
  • Many more…

Mozilla Suite

  • Security Fixes

It’s recommended that if you were using any previous versions of this software that you updated to the newest versions not only for all the freat new features/fixes, but the newest version also fixes a recent security vulnerability.

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