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It happened a while back, but Google purchased Picasa, a company that develops software enabling users to manage and share their digital photos. I tried Picasa last year sometime and found that it’s a pretty nice program. If you’ve ever used iPhoto on a mac, this is about as close as you can get on the PC. It has the typical digital photo management features (rotate, crop, remove red-eye, etc.) in a pretty click interface. Another nice feature is that it does this with photos already on your computer. You don’t have to move your existing digital photos around to a directory specifically for the program. Picasa will search your hard drive for digital photos and watch certain directories for changes so you don’t have to keep telling it when and where new photos are located.

Picasa previously cost $29.95… but is now free thanks to Google! I’m sure that they have big things in mind for this application. I’m looking forward to seeing what cool new search capabilities (with Google’s help) are added to the next version.

If you haven’t tried out Picasa, give it a download… might as well, it’s free!

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