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FirefoxFirefox, my browser of choice, has started a new campaign to promote the browser on college campuses which I think is a great idea. I’ve been using Firefox/Mozilla since they started the project and think it’s a great browser.

They are taking submissions for poster designs specifically geared to college students to print up and sell at the Mozilla store. I’m not a college student, but I’d put up a Firefox poster! How much of a geek am I to want to hang a poster that promotes a web browser?

They are also looking for campus reps to promote the browser at their respective schools. Do you know any college geeks students that might be interested in taking up the Firefox torch?

What I think would be helpful is producing these posters to hang on college campuses… something that really grabs people’s attention and makes them want to go out and download Firefox. Would people do that (download something they saw on a poster)? Mozilla should also try to work with IT departments at colleges and see if they can get Firefox on the standard utilities CD that most campuses seem to give out. Or talk to the college helpdesk people and maybe give away some free Firefox CD’s that they can sit out on the counter for people to grab.
Regardless, this sounds like a good idea… the more people they can get to switch, the better.

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gravatar Dirk

I think that the only downside to trying to get the browser included on utilities “handouts” on campuses is the subsequent desire students would have for these same departments to support the software. I prefer firefox as well, but from a departmental stand point it may be difficult to break into the market when IE and Netscape are so widespread and generally accepted.

IE and Netscape seem so commonplace, that most users don’t even realize what a web browser is, and think you are trying to sell them spam to even consider another option.

I also think word of mouth and interpersonal exposure is the best way to accceive exposure for this kind of thing. Too many people look at any form of advertisement with opaque lenses, and rely soley on what is standardized and comonplace to meet their software needs. If they had a friend they know and trust who turns them on to Firefox, they would be more likely to catch on to the idea, as opposed to reading a poster about it or receiving a free copy of it on disc.

Might I just add that the latter I blame almost entirely on one company alone: AOL (email client of the devil). The amount of wasted materals that come through the college mail room I work near from their company alone singularily demonstrates my point on ineffective advertisement (in addition, I believe the local garbage dump has an acre devoted to them).

I, for one (or maybe one of many), will sing the praises of Firefox and Mozilla to all those who compute near me, and will continue to use the browser on my personal computer.

How did I find out about it, you ask?

From a friend.

That said, I want a poster too. Technically, I’m a student again!

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