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I’m a Godfather!

No, not the Francis Ford Coppola type (though that would be cool!). Ryal and Theresa had their baby last Tuesday (Sept. 28th) – Layton Patrick Brier.

SpaceShipOne Almost to the X Prize!

On Wednesday, SpaceShipOne completed its first of two required flights to win the $10 million X Prize. The X Prize was set up to jump start the space tourism industry and provided a handsome sum to whoever can create a spacecraft that can: Privately finances, builds & launches a spaceship, able to carry 3 people… Read more »

Toilet Technology

For all of you guys out there (ladies you can tune this post out unless you use one of these) that have issues hitting the bowl at night. There’s now a brilliat new device to help you out… The Jonny Glow! This dazzlling pice of technology is apparently a ring of (obviously waterproof) glow tape… Read more »

The iPatch

Arrrrrrrr! If only I had seen this in time for my International Talk Like A Pirate Day festivities! Oh well, I guess there is always next year… Arrrrrr!

Another Random Bit of Web Weirdness

Dannybot is the sad storry of a boy singing about his robot going off to war. I had tears in my eyes after watching the heart wrenching video. It’s a story so sad even your robot will cry! You can even read the dannyblog. I am a robot without emotions, yet I am sad. 🙁… Read more »

Talk Like A Pirate Day

AAAAAAARRRRRRRrrrr… Avast, me hearties! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! The real day actually be Sunday, but I be celebratin’ it today Arrr! It be Talk Like a Pirate Weekend for me! So all ya Scallywags swig ye a grog and shiver me timbers! Robert’s your uncle & Fanny’s your aunt! Arrrrrrrrrr! (If… Read more »

MPAA Propaganda in the Daily Iowan

I was flipping through the campus newspaper, The Daily Iowan this morning when I ran across a full page add from the Motion Picture Ass. of America. They’ve really been pumping their “education” lately with this ad and promos before movies. Personally, I like this parody poster by Trevor Haldenby a little better. Yesterday’s Boondocks… Read more »

The Picture of Everything

Today’s Cool Site of the Day was actually kind of cool. It’s The Picture of Everything by Howard Halis. It probably doesn’t really have everything… but it sure has a lot!

Confirmed: Apple and Grapefruit Mentos available in the US

I found Green Apple and Pink Grapefruit Mentos at a grocery store up the street (I’d been tipped off they were available). They had several displays, that said “available for a limited time only.” I’ll need to stock up. Maybe they’re just test marketing them. If that’s the case… EVERYONE GO BUY GRAPEFRUIT OR APPLE… Read more »


Flickr is a really cool service that does a million and one things with your photos. You can upload them and store them and trade them and chat with them and add them to a blog and look at other people’s and… and… It has a really slick flash interface. Flickr uses “tags” to categorize… Read more »

More Ghostbusters Stuff

While looking for an Egon picture for the previous post I ran across another Ghostbusters site. If you look through the fan props area there are a ton of cool props! 9+ pages of proton packs! 3 pages of ghost traps Ecto Mobiles (yes… that’s their car) There are even plans for these items. So… Read more »

Who Ya Gonna Call?

There is a nice looking proton pack for sale on eBay. I’ve seen this before on eBay. I don’t know if they didn’t sell it, or this is another one. Still, it’s pretty cool! After doing a little digging, it seems to be a different seller. The previous listing is still available at the builder’s… Read more »

Crazy Stuff Out There!

I was looking around at some random stuff on the web and decided to take a look at They’re the people who put together that weird Quizno’s commercial w/the singing hairballs. It was actually based on this movie, which I personally like better. They’ve also got some fun singing kittens, pandas and ????’s. I… Read more »

Branding the Presidential Candidates

The branding firm, Landor and Associates, did an interesting survey, asking Bush supporters, Kerry supports, and undecided folks what product brands they associated with both of the candidates. They polled people in these categories: Coffee, Magazine, Technology, Car, Retail, Fast Food, Hotels, Beer. I don’t know if these findings will make you change your vote… Read more »

Shrek Mystery Solved!

Straight from General Mills: Thank you for contacting General Mills with your inquiry. There are 6 different marbits in Shrek cereal and they represent the following: Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey, Gingerbread Man, Potion Bottle, and Puss ‘n Boots. We hope you find this information helpful. Please let us know if we can help you again…. Read more »