Bad Hotel Mike

I received an e-mail at work yesterday that I thought was pretty odd since it was sent out to everyone.

I’ve talked with some of you about a Power Point presentation on the web
that I heard about during the “PR Boot Camp” ILA conference session led
by Ben Hildebrandt last week. The slides chronicle the experience of
two very web-savvy guys who had a bad experience at a Doubletree Hotel
in Houston, brought on by “night clerk Mike” giving their guaranteed
rooms away. It goes on (and down) from there.

Here is the PowerPoint Presentation.

I’m really not sure why this was sent out to everyone (probably something to do with promoting good customer service) but it’s pretty funny. I guess the moral of the story is don’t be like Night Clerk Mike, and don’t stay at the DoubleTree Club Hotel 2828 Southwest Freeway in Houston, Texas.


gravatar Kate

that definitely gives me some ideas about what to do the next time someone makes me mad!

gravatar Kate

Good news – it isn’t a Doubletree anymore, Sheraton 4 points bought it out. and at this point it becomes glaringly obvious that i’m avoiding my homework…..

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