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Lego Characters

Have you ever been curious what you’d look like as a Lego character? Well, the wait is over… you can find out here! Here’s the outfit I’d wear to Lego Land.


Orisinal : Morning Sunshine is a great collection of flash games. This site has been around for quite some time. I think I ran across it for the first time about 3 years ago, and just recently ran across it again. The games on this site aren’t your typical flash shoot-em-up games that are found… Read more »

Playing With Time

Here is a cool site where someone has done a bunch of time lapse and slow-mo movies of common objects. Playing With Time I think my favorite is the ice sculpture (the sounds are great!).

Technical Difficulties

If you stopped by looking to find the brilliant ramblings that make up any time later Saturday night through Sunday afternoon, you may have noticed an error message… and no That is because I single-handedly destroyed the site on Saturday night. I was doing some cleaning on the site, removing some items that… Read more »

Found: Weird Mentos Video

While playing around with an alternative search engine (defined as anything that’s not Google), I did a video search for… you guessed it, mentos! It came back with a rather humorous video from some guys named Jay & Jon. Jon and Jay’s Mentos Commerical (QuickTime Movie) They also have some other videos on their site… Read more »

Time to Buy Pepsi Again

How terrible it is that I will buy Pepsi for a chance to win a song? Well, actually I would probably buy Pepsi anyway… I’ll just buy more now. Pepsi is slated to kick off another “Drink, Win, Play” campaign where 1 in 3 bottle tops will have a code for a free song on… Read more »

Turn your iPod into an iPod Shuffle

For those of you who have an iPod but want a new iPod Shuffle w/out plunking down the $99 or $149 for one… here is a pretty cool Do-it-yourself. Via Flickr


Another odd ebay auction – A man in Omaha, NE is auctioning his forehead for advertising. He’ll accept any non-permanent ad for 30 days on his forehead. He’s up to almost $15,000 with 3 days left. He has also registered the domain: for more information.

Technology to keep your plants alive

After returning from vacation to find my plant (lovingly named Bachi) near death… well, more near death than usual, I decided to order the Dr. Frog Plant Monitor. For only $5.99 you can get a doctor for your plants that let you know when they need water. Don’t you wish your plants could talk back… Read more »

How about another weird holiday?

Happy Holifestigala! – America’s Holidayest Holiday The official site comes with tradition, songs, recipes and e-cards to make your Holifestigala more holifestigalative. When we get together to carve the Crab Rangoon, dress the pet Chinchilla and hang a Purple Tumbleweed over our heads, it must mean that the celebration of Holifestigala is upon us. This… Read more »

Need a last minute gift idea?

With just a short while left before Christmas, there isn’t much time left for gift shopping. Luckily Google comes through yet again. You can “Give the Gift of Google” this year. They provide a download of all their software and a lovely image to print for the CD they’re burned on. They also provide a… Read more »

An Advert Calendar

No, not an Advent calendar, it’s an Advert calendar. Here are the 12 days of Christmas via holiday commercials from the 80’s. we’re counting down the days till Christmas with a new holiday themed ad from the past reviewed each and every day — and yes, you can download every commercial featured! See what was… Read more »

It’s a Wonderful Life in 30 Seconds with Bunnies

Something a little holiday related. It’s a remake of that classic holiday favorite It’s a Wonderful Life… In 30 seconds… With Bunnies! It’s a Wonderful Life in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies. Um… Yah!

New Magazine from the Publishers of Wired

Wired Magazine is launching a trial edition of a new magazine called “Test” which is basically an entire magazine of the review section of Wired. I’m an avid Wired reader, and their review section being one of my favorite parts, I’m looking forward to this new mag. It is supposedly being released in a limited… Read more »