Earbud Replacement Foams

earbudsI was kicking myself last week because I lost one of the foams on my earbuds. So one ear was comfortable and one was uncomfortable while I listened to music. After a little digging, I found some forum posts in an iPod forum listing several places to get replacements. This afternoon I ran out to RadioShack and checked out their selection. For $2.99, you can get a package of four replacement foams that work just as well as the original ones. So if you lose the original spongy things from your earbuds, the RadioShack replacements will definitely do the job.


gravatar kieran

Doesn’t that seem a little pricey for four little pieces of foam? Have you considered recycled dryersheets? Then at least your ears can smell April fresh, and for all the cost of having clean laundry too!

gravatar Scott

Yes, but I forgot to mention that they are diamond encrusted earbud foams.

But seriously, no price it too much to pay for my delicate ears.

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