New Mentos Sugarfree!

sugar free mentosIt’s always a good day when you discover a new type of mentos! Today I ran across new Mentos Sugarfree for the first time. They are exactly what their name says they are… sugar free mentos for those calorie-conscious folks out there. They’re made with Splenda instead of the high test sugar that I’m guessing is in real mentos. They come in “mixed berry” flavor which includes (from what I can tell): strawberry, raspberry, and purple, which I really can’t place (it’s not grape!). At first taste, I really noticed the Splenda, and wasn’t so sure what I thought about them, but after popping a few more they’re not too bad. I think I’ll stick with the regular high calorie version though. But it’s good to know that if I ever start to watch my figure I’ll still be able to have my mentos!


gravatar Connie

I tried the sugar free mentos and thought they were absolutely WONDERFUL!!

gravatar Beba

Hi! I was wondering if one of you could tell me where can I buy the Mentos sugar free??? I have been trying to find them but without success! =(

gravatar Scott

The first place I found them was at Best Buy (not where you’d normally think to look for candy). I’ve also seen them at gas stations, but that is kind of hit and miss.

gravatar John

I’m just curious as to why sugar free flavors of candy have the least appealing flavors? Why can’t the candies be made with normal flavors instead of Tri- berry or smooth and creamy. Is it just assumed that diabetics don’t have taste buds? How about sugar free mint. I’ve hunted for quite some time and I can’t find any common flavors for diabetics. The exception is some hard candy makers are beggining to wise up on this one and produce candy in common fruit flavors..

gravatar Patricia

I just found sugar free Mentos while standing in line at PetsMart, of all places. I think they’re great. Don’t know if anyone’s still looking for them, but, if you are, you can buy them directly from Mentos at and clicking on their online store. They have the mixed berry and regular mint. They sell them in quantities of 12 boxes for $11. FYI.

gravatar jamie

Please, don’t eat 2 boxes because they taste so good and are sugar-free! You and your stomach will regret eating them at all!

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