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Inside a Tornado

With tornado season upon us (at leat in Iowa anyway), I ran across this really interesting link from National Geographic. They took a few video cameras and put them into what looks like a metal base and set them in the path of a tornado. The tornado goes right over top of the camera giving… Read more »

Point and Click Games

LazyLaces has put together a great collection of Point and click games. You know the ones, where you have to um… point and click. I’m sure you’ve all seen the games where you really don’t have any instruction and just have to point and click (yes, again) until you find all the secret hidden areas… Read more »

Half Life 2 Dominos Mod

Somebody has built a Half Life 2 map of a huge domino setup. Using the Half Life physics engine, this domino course is built out of doors and pieces of metal from the game. The falling dominos travel all over the map until they finally smash an old guy at the end. Appropriate for a… Read more »

Find Cheap Gas With Google Maps

Someone else has gone and done something really cool using Google Maps. There is now a cheap gas site where you can click and drag yourself all over the United States and see the locations and prices for the cheapest gas (regular or diesel). This site takes its price and location data from an already… Read more »

Star Wars Last Supper

Since tonight will be my last supper before going to see the new Star Wars Movie I thought this image was appropriate (yet still a little disturbing). I’m taking off work tomorrow to see Episode III (yes I know, I’m a geek!). We’ll be catching an afternoon show at the closest THX certified theater in… Read more »

200th Mobile Photo

As of last Sunday night there are now 200 photos in my Mobile Phone Pics gallery. It all started on October 20th, 2003 at 3:52 PM with a shot of my computer monitors at work taken with my first camera phone . Before you go exploring, be forewarned, it’s really random!

Earbud Replacement Foams

I was kicking myself last week because I lost one of the foams on my earbuds. So one ear was comfortable and one was uncomfortable while I listened to music. After a little digging, I found some forum posts in an iPod forum listing several places to get replacements. This afternoon I ran out to… Read more »

Good Eats

Since I dropped cable a little while back, I’ve been enjoying my new IP-TV, and especially all of the additional channels that I now get. Taking a look at my new viewing habits, out of all those channels, I really didn’t realize how much I missed the Food Network. Back when I lived in Coralville,… Read more »

New Spring/Summer Theme

Winter has been over for a while now, and yet the winter theme stayed put. I’ve finally found some time to create a spring/summer theme for Techory (and remove the winter theme!) You can change the theme (like always) by clicking on the colored swatches in the upper right hand corner of the page (the… Read more »


Want to destroy your favorite (or least favorite) website with a natural disaster? Meteors Nuke Flood Mars attacks Dinosaurs Fried eggs Spilled coffee Slow burn Worms Mold These are all options for your destruction!

cFree Wireless Network

For about eight months now, I have been spending a chunk of my free time working with a great group of people on a side project to bring free wireless access (cFree Wireless) to key public areas in what started as the Iowa City area, but has expanded recently to include the entire corridor (Iowa… Read more »

Independent Games Festival

The awards for the Independent Games Festival were announced (a while ago). I knew this was happening sometime in March, but totally forgot to check the site again until yesterday. The Independent Games Festival is an outlet for independent game developers to show their creativity and get some recognition for some really creative games. These… Read more »

New Mentos Sours!

While waiting for the flight to Phoenix last Saturday I was looking around the magazine shop/news stand in O’hare Airport in Chicago and discovered a new type of mentos… mentos sours. They’re actually pretty good. They come in three flavors in a new green striped box. The flavors are sour apple, which doesn’t taste too… Read more »

Free Software

Along the lines of my free games list post, I ran across another list of free windows software broken down into categories. This is a pretty extensive list covering just about everything you need your computer to do. Who knows the quality on some of this stuff though… I guess you get what you pay… Read more »


Who would win in a Google battle between God and Satan? How about the pen vs. the sword? (turns out that the pen really is mightier) This site pits opponents against each other based on their rating in Google.