Channel 101

Channel 101Channel 101 refers to themselves as, “the unavoidable future of entertainment.” The concept is simple. Folks submit pilots for TV shows about anything they want (some are quite interesting). The submissions are reviewed by the Channel 101 team and are either flushed, or moved to live audience battle. Channel 101 has a monthly live screening of the accepted pilots (in LA) open to the public. The people in attendance vote to determine which shows are worthy, and which shows should die a horrible death. Five shows are chosen to become prime time TV shows. The creators of those shows then move on to create new episodes which go through the same process (voting etc.). If a show is rejected, or not chosen in the live screening, it is trashed, or if it is a returning show that doesn’t live up to the previous episodes, it is canceled. There is a handy video demo of the process here.

Each month’s accepted shows are available on the Channel 101 website. One of my favorites is The House of Cosby’s. It’s about a guy that loved the comedy of Bill Cosby that he built a cloning machine and from a single Cosby hair, cloned multiple versions of Bill each with their own special powers.

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