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peach mentosThe Mentos gods have been smiling down on me the past couple weeks. Not only did Mentos update their website recently, but I have finally discovered the holy grail of Mentos… peach flavor! I don’t remember when I first caught wind of the mystical peach flavored Mentos, but it was some time ago. I think I ran across a photo of a peach wrapper from Japan while doing an early image search on the internet. Since then, I’ve been searching high and low trying to find that elusive roll of peach. My Mentos ambassadors (yes, I really have Mentos ambassadors!) have been searching the globe trying to find new flavors, but none of them have ever been able to come back with peach. I’ve been mining the search engines for Peach mentos regularly trying to find a way to actually get myself a roll. I knew they existed, and I knew it was in some Asian country, but how could I get my hands on a roll? I hoped it wouldn’t come to me taking a trip to Japan, but I was prepared for anything. I posted to Metafilter asking for some help. Low an behold I received a link to Candy Direct which had just recently started selling the peach flavor. The funny thing is, I had been checking Candy Direct on a regular basis hoping that I’d finally be able to get myself some peach, but they never had peach. Sometime between the last time I checked Candy Direct, and asked my question at metafilter, they began offering peach for sale. I quickly followed the link to the site. “Why was the internet going so slow?!?” I scanned the room for hidden cameras. Was this a joke? Was I on TV? Was I finally able to order peach mentos? I fumbled with my wallet trying to get to my credit card to place my order. With my shaking hands, I clicked the “Order” button… finally peach Mentos would soon be mine!

I raced home today to find a package in front of my door. The moment of truth had finally arrived. I quickly cut open the box, and discovered two cases of 20 rolls. I had in my possession 40 rolls of peach Mentos. My years of searching were finally over! I carefully cut away the cellophane from the box and removed one of the rolls. They looked a little different than the rolls available in the US. The paper roll is a lot more glossy and there is peach colored foil on both ends, not like the silver foil on American Mentos. I slowly raised the roll to my mouth, closed my eyes, and popped my first peach Mentos. In-Freekin-Credible! My previous favorite flavor Mentos was grape (also from Japan). Today that changed. Peach has totally blown grape out of the water… no contest! Besides tasting like you’re eating a little piece of heaven, they have a very strong peachy flavor. It’s very sweet, just to the point of being too sweet, but not quite. Mentos knows where that too sweet line is and the peach Mentos toy with your taste buds taking you just barely to that point. I popped another one out of the package and held onto it instead of going straight into my mouth. The color is very light. It could easily be mistaken for white, but has a slight yellow tint to it if you hold it in the light. The texture is the same as any other Mentos, but in your mouth, it almost feels a little different because the of incredible flavor… it fools you, or maybe overwhelms your entire mouth so that it gets confused and starts feeling things that aren’t really there. I ended up popping an entire roll and a half tonight. I’m going to have to lock these away in the archive and only bring them out for special occasions. Naw… maybe I should eat this whole case and buy another one to lock away in the archives. I think I’d be much happier with that second option. So if you can’t tell, there is a new king of the Mentos jungle. Peach Mentos have easily claimed that title. If you can get your hands on some (you’re not getting any of mine!) eat away… and stay fresh!

Update: It looks like the Mentos Store is now selling peach mentos along with black licorice.


gravatar Kevin

Congrats on the new discovery!!

I can’t wait to sample peach mentos myself!

Ambassador Hockett
Eastern European Division

gravatar FF

Boy you get excited over a candy mint…or is it a breath mint…. or is it a candy mint….or is it………..whatever.
Wish I had one

gravatar Jennifer

As far as my knowledge goes, I’m pretty sure that peach mentos are not from japan, but from the netherlands. I have seen these delicious treats at a local dutch store, but also at gormet candy and food shops (world market, de rueze…) I am sure you could find them from some place other than the internet if you searched hard enough 🙂

gravatar Bulletin News

Fantastic review on New Peach Mentos! Always enjoy your interesting posts.

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