flickr logo Flickr is a really cool service that does a million and one things with your photos. You can upload them and store them and trade them and chat with them and add them to a blog and look at other people’s and… and… It has a really slick flash interface. Flickr uses “tags” to categorize images. They’re kind of like photo key words. One of the really cool things about Flickr is that you can check out the most popular tags on this page (the larger the word, the more popular the tag). You can also view all tags. It’s kind of fun to poke around and see what other people have put up there. If you find a tag that you like, you can subscribe to the RSS feed and receive images in your aggregator whenever a new one is added that fits your tag. If you grab the RSS feed from sunset, you could have some nice pictures pop up when you’re reading your daily feeds.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

There is a nice looking proton pack for sale on eBay. I’ve seen this before on eBay. I don’t know if they didn’t sell it, or this is another one. Still, it’s pretty cool!

After doing a little digging, it seems to be a different seller. The previous listing is still available at the builder’s site. You can also check out the build diary. This is one impressive prop… if only I had $700 lying around, I could be Egon Spangler for Halloween!

Crazy Stuff Out There!

I was looking around at some random stuff on the web and decided to take a look at They’re the people who put together that weird Quizno’s commercial w/the singing hairballs. It was actually based on this movie, which I personally like better. They’ve also got some fun singing kittens, pandas and ????’s. I decided to use a handy little Google tool and click the “similar pages” link to the site and found some even more interesting things. had a pretty funny box transformers movie on it.

If you’ve got a fast internet connection, and nothing to do for a little while check out the similar links. Just goes to show that you can find anything and everything out there on the web!

Gmail Invites Galore

GmailI’ve had a Gmail account since early July (I was able to get it from an old Blogger account I had) and haven’t received any invites until the past couple weeks. I initially had 5 to offer and gave away two or three of them. Now it keeps getting bumped up. Whenever I give out an invite, I seem to get a few more. I wonder if Google is being more generous with their invites in preparation for a public Gmail launch (it’s been in beta since April).

If you or anyone you know would like an invite, I’ve still got a few to give away. Just let me know.

Firefox Notes

firefoxJust some random Firefox notes:

They’ve redesigned the website. Steven Garity did the redesign, and they’ve been beta testing it for the past week or so. I think it’s a definite improvement over the previous brown design.

Hopefully with this redesign, version 1.0 is just around the corner. The roadmap aims for a beta release in 8/2004. It’s now 9/2004, so hopefully a beta release is right around the corner.

Also if you happen to search for the word browser or 1 in Google, you’ll get a number one result of the Firefox website. I don’t know who’s searching for “1” but browser makes sense. Via Anne Van Kesteren.

Branding the Presidential Candidates

The branding firm, Landor and Associates, did an interesting survey, asking Bush supporters, Kerry supports, and undecided folks what product brands they associated with both of the candidates. They polled people in these categories: Coffee, Magazine, Technology, Car, Retail, Fast Food, Hotels, Beer. I don’t know if these findings will make you change your vote come November, but it’s definitely interesting.

You can check out the rest of the survey at Landor’s News Site

Shrek Mystery Solved!

Straight from General Mills:

Thank you for contacting General Mills with your inquiry.

There are 6 different marbits in Shrek cereal and they represent the following: Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey, Gingerbread Man, Potion Bottle, and Puss ‘n Boots.

We hope you find this information helpful. Please let us know if we can help you again.


Susan L. Fink
Consumer Services

Apparently, it’s Puss in Boots and not Farquaad (from the previous post).

And I guess they are called “marbits” (?) and not marshmallows.

New iMac G5

Apple introduced their new G5 iMac this morning. I think I like it better than the previous (iLamp) model. The design just looks cleaner to me. It has a widescreen 17″ or 20″ display and comes in two processor flavors (1.6GHz or 1.8GHz G5). You can find all the info you need at the Apple site. Just like its predecessor, I’d like to see one in person before I make the final thumbs up or thumbs down call.
iMac G5

Maybe I can check one out when the new Apple Store opens in Des Moines!

Apple Day

apopleWell, tomorrow is supposedly the big day for Apple. Apple Expo is being held in Paris. Rumor has it there will be a new G5 iMac announced at the keynote. There is also talk that they’ll be releasing a new version of the iSight camera as well.

Engadget had a “Design the new G5 iMac” contest with some interesting results. I guess we’ll learn what it looks like tomorrow.

Picasa – Photo Organizer

It happened a while back, but Google purchased Picasa, a company that develops software enabling users to manage and share their digital photos. I tried Picasa last year sometime and found that it’s a pretty nice program. If you’ve ever used iPhoto on a mac, this is about as close as you can get on the PC. It has the typical digital photo management features (rotate, crop, remove red-eye, etc.) in a pretty click interface. Another nice feature is that it does this with photos already on your computer. You don’t have to move your existing digital photos around to a directory specifically for the program. Picasa will search your hard drive for digital photos and watch certain directories for changes so you don’t have to keep telling it when and where new photos are located.

Picasa previously cost $29.95… but is now free thanks to Google! I’m sure that they have big things in mind for this application. I’m looking forward to seeing what cool new search capabilities (with Google’s help) are added to the next version.

If you haven’t tried out Picasa, give it a download… might as well, it’s free!

Mystery Marshmallow

Shrek CerealShrek Cereal is some good stuff! It’s a bit like a combination of Lucky Charms and Kix (kinda like Kix w/marshmallows). I just am a little confused by the shapes.

I think I’ve got them all down but one. 1.) Donkey 2.) Gingerbread Man 3.) Princess Fiona? 4.) Farquaad 5.) ???? 6.) Shrek

So what on earth is marshmallow #5? Maybe an onion? A blue throwing grenade? …no idea!


INDUCE Act – Bad News!

There was a good article about a bad bill, the INDUCE Act, on today. I’m thinking it might be a good time to practice what can sometimes feel an exercise in futility and send a letter to my elected officials.

Until recently, much of the discussion among tech enthusiasts about a controversial anti-piracy bill known as the Induce Act has focused on the proposed law’s improbability.

Put forth by Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), the bill has been ridiculed by techies as so poorly written that it could unintentionally ban anInduce Act Draws Support, Venom
infinite range of everyday tools — iPods, DVD burners, even paper and pencil.
[Induce Act Draws Support, Venom via]

I guess we’ll see when/if I get the same form letter back from some intern. Hopefully this bill doesn’t make it to the floor before the congressional session ends in Oct.

SnapperMail 2.0 Released

SnapperMail 2.0, the palm e-mail program for smart phones, has finallly been released. I’ve been playing with the beta/trial version for quite a while (it’s been in beta for quite a while!). They’ve added quite a few new features.

  • New easier to use interface
  • IMAP mail support
  • Flash card storage
  • Better attachment support

I’ve had version 1 of the software and have’t seen a better palm e-mail client. As soon as I run across a few extra dollars for an upgrade, I’m planning on placing an order!

Firefox College Campaign

FirefoxFirefox, my browser of choice, has started a new campaign to promote the browser on college campuses which I think is a great idea. I’ve been using Firefox/Mozilla since they started the project and think it’s a great browser.

They are taking submissions for poster designs specifically geared to college students to print up and sell at the Mozilla store. I’m not a college student, but I’d put up a Firefox poster! How much of a geek am I to want to hang a poster that promotes a web browser?

They are also looking for campus reps to promote the browser at their respective schools. Do you know any college geeks students that might be interested in taking up the Firefox torch?

What I think would be helpful is producing these posters to hang on college campuses… something that really grabs people’s attention and makes them want to go out and download Firefox. Would people do that (download something they saw on a poster)? Mozilla should also try to work with IT departments at colleges and see if they can get Firefox on the standard utilities CD that most campuses seem to give out. Or talk to the college helpdesk people and maybe give away some free Firefox CD’s that they can sit out on the counter for people to grab.
Regardless, this sounds like a good idea… the more people they can get to switch, the better.