flickr logo Flickr is a really cool service that does a million and one things with your photos. You can upload them and store them and trade them and chat with them and add them to a blog and look at other people’s and… and… It has a really slick flash interface. Flickr uses “tags” to categorize images. They’re kind of like photo key words. One of the really cool things about Flickr is that you can check out the most popular tags on this page (the larger the word, the more popular the tag). You can also view all tags. It’s kind of fun to poke around and see what other people have put up there. If you find a tag that you like, you can subscribe to the RSS feed and receive images in your aggregator whenever a new one is added that fits your tag. If you grab the RSS feed from sunset, you could have some nice pictures pop up when you’re reading your daily feeds.

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