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Getting the Most out of Google+

Tuesday, March 13 – 3:30PM – 4:30PM Keri Kandel Prod Mktg Mgr Google Inc This session was a core conversation, which means the room was filled with Google+ users talking about the product. The session was facilitated by a Google representative. There was generally good back and forth. These notes may be a bit disjointed… Read more »

The Battlefield Art of Design Triage

Tuesday, March 13 – 5:00PM – 6:00PMAngel Anderson Experience Dir Crispin Porter+Bogusky We are constantly being asked to go faster and faster. What is Triage? "To sort" produce sorting battlefield medics Necessity is the mother of invention. War provides many necessities. Design Triage Prioritization Assess before treating – what are the products on your table?… Read more »

When Filmmakers Meet Interactive Teams

Tuesday, March 13 – 2:00PM – 3:00PMAmit Breuer Pres Amythos MediaGhassan Fayad Pres KngfuChris Harris Head of Online Content Shaw Media Group Storming JunoA Canadian file about storming Juno Beach in WWII. The interactive portion of the film started moving before filming of the video portion and provided an opportunity to collaborate before production actually… Read more »

Lie to Me: CSS3 Demystified by Haakon Wium Lie

Tuesday, March 13 – 11:00AM -12:00PMHåkon Wium Lie CTO Opera Software CSS Timeline 1994 – Cascading HTML style sheets 1996 CSS1 1998 CSS2 2012 CSS3 Where is it?? HTML has a simple structure, universal semantics, media-independent. It doesn’t have any presentation until the image tag arrived. Somehow the image tag took away the true text…. Read more »

Al Gore and Sean Parker Conversation

I sat in on an interesting conversation between former vice president Al Gore and Napster creator Sean Parker about how technology could be used to hack democracy. They talked a lot about their current endeavors as well as things the two of them have done in the past, but the take-away message was encouraging participants… Read more »

Auto Meets Mobile: Building In-Vehicle Apps

Monday, March – 12 3:30PM – 4:30PM Michelle Avary Natl Mgr Toyota Motor CorporationZach Brand Sr Dir Tech NPR Telematics: When the vehicle is aware of its location and can engage in 2-way conversation. Telematic Features/Services Safety & Security (onstar) Navigation Assistance Diagnostics Convenience/Info Service (fuel prices/traffic) Entertainment Experience in Cars will Change Control +… Read more »

Own the Media. Or the Media Will Own You

Monday, March 12 – 11:00AM -12:00PMCristina Monteiro Mktg Mgr PepsiCoLucas Mello CEO Live ADMauro Silva Creative Director Live ADRicardo Guerra Head of Consumer Channels Banco Itau The Rise of Own MediaNew digital technologiesImpact of startup culture on brandsFacebook fanpages, a new friendly environment for brands. Nike Brazil Project: They connected runners in a massive relay… Read more »

A Brief History of the Complete Redesign of Google

Sunday, March 11 – 5:00PM – 6:00PM Evelyn Kim Visual Designer Google IncJon Wiley Lead Designer for Google Search Google IncMichael Leggett Design Lead, Google Apps Google IncNicholas Jitkoff User Experience Designer Google Inc In the summer of 2011, Google completely redesigned nearly all of its applications to be more focused, elastic, and effortless. For… Read more »

Simplify CSS Development with Sass & Compass

Sunday, March 11 – 3:30PM – 4:30PMAlex Lemanski Founder/Web Craftsman Bitfyre Slides, Links, Examples: Saas allows for variables so you only have to replace elements in a single place in your style sheet. Nesting selectors so you don’t have to repeat multiple tags or divs Nesting Statements as well Tools: Web Workbench (Visual Studio… Read more »

Creating Responsive HTML5 Touch Interfaces

Sunday, March 11 – 12:30PM – 1:30PMStephen Woods Sr Software Engineer Flickr When working on the desktop, we’re worrying about browsers. You have to cover every case with various browser-specific CSS. On mobile, we worry about devices and not browsers. Most mobile platforms run webkit, but there are a few other (less used) browsers out… Read more »

Can a Social Web of Things Keep TV Cords Connected

Sunday, March 11 11:00AM -12:00PMAlison Moore Sr VP, Digital Platforms HBOGilles BianRosa CEO FanhattanJack Flanagan VP Sales Bluefin Labs IncRhonda Lowry VP Emerging Social Web Technologies Turner Broadcasting What is Social TV? It’s currently in an evolutionary state (HBO Go). You can plug in conversationally no matter where you watch (GO, TV, Xbox etc.). How… Read more »

Get the Look: Use @Font-Face + CSS3 Like the Stars

Saturday, March 10 5:00PM – 6:00PMSean McBride Web Dev Adobe Typekit Taking iconic sign styles and transforming them into the web using web technologies. Ideas vs. FormsIdea -> Design System -> Form Many times we try to go from an original form to a new form without any sort of consideration of where it came… Read more »

Designing for Content Management Systems

Saturday, March 10 12:30PM – 1:30PMJared Ponchot Creative Dir Lullabot Design is the conscious effort to impose a meaningful order. (Victor Papanek) CMS create ways to impose a meaningful order. How a CMS Thinks Contexts A context provides conditions and reactions based upon a defined criteria. Conditions might be things like sections, content types or… Read more »

Best Practices: Native + Web Hybrid Mobile Apps

Saturday, March 10 – 11:00AM -12:00PMCharles Ying Developer Flipboard Flipboard takes feeds and streams from all over the web and turns it into a beautiful magazine layout (for iphone and ipad). Flipboard is a hybrid application – it is a mix between a web app and a native app. Web AppPut a simple "app" wrapper… Read more »

The State of Browser Developer Tools

Saturday, March 10 – 9:30AM -10:30AMBrandon Satrom Developer Evangelist TelerikGarann Means JavaScript EngineerJoe Stagner Sr Program Manager Developer Technologies Mozilla CorporationMike Taylor Web Opener Opera Software Paul Irish Chrome Developer Advocate Google Inc Firebug was released in 2006 just viewing the DOM was a big thing at that time. The Last Year of Developer Tools… Read more »