Auto Meets Mobile: Building In-Vehicle Apps

Monday, March – 12 3:30PM – 4:30PM
Michelle Avary Natl Mgr Toyota Motor CorporationZach Brand Sr Dir Tech NPR

Telematics: When the vehicle is aware of its location and can engage in 2-way conversation.

Telematic Features/Services

  • Safety & Security (onstar)
  • Navigation Assistance
  • Diagnostics
  • Convenience/Info Service (fuel prices/traffic)
  • Entertainment

Experience in Cars will Change

  • Control + Choice + Ubiquity
  • 70% of people say apps are critical to next smartphone purchase


  • Fragmentation – 15 car manufacturers in the USA with their own systems. 4320 fragmentation to deal with.
  • HMI (human machine interface) – steering wheel controls, voice, mouse-type controls
  • All vehicle components must be built to withstand conditions similar to those experienced in a jet plane (these systems are expensive).

Customer Conundrum

  • Vehicle decisions are made by the heart, and smartphone decisions are made by the brain.

Criteria for App Selection

  • Facilitates safe driving behaviors
  • Enhances driving and ownership experience
  • Allows for enjoyable personalized experience
  • Demonstrates strong brand harmony

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