Own the Media. Or the Media Will Own You

Monday, March 12 – 11:00AM -12:00PM
Cristina Monteiro Mktg Mgr PepsiCo
Lucas Mello CEO Live AD
Mauro Silva Creative Director Live AD
Ricardo Guerra Head of Consumer Channels Banco Itau

The Rise of Own Media
New digital technologies
Impact of startup culture on brands
Facebook fanpages, a new friendly environment for brands.

Nike Brazil Project:

They connected runners in a massive relay race to proximity sensors for social networks. Sensors on shoes registered checkins. Confessional video booths were set up for runners for them to record testimonials across the race. They were watched by all the runners’ friends. The user-created "Own Media" really made this campaign work.

  • @NikeCorre has 169k followers
  • Facebook Page: 297k fans
  • Influencers group with 3k runners

This project was possible because people are no longer only consumers. They transformed the culture and made the campaign work.

Doritos Brazil

Doritos are not as big in Brazil as they are in the US. Doritos owns 99% of the chip market in Brazil.

Doritos uncut contest
Start a story, friends continue story, the story with the most likes gets turned into a story board. The most popular story gets turned into an animated video and the winner gets a trip to Hollywood.

  • 58k fans in 5 weeks.

Summer Promotion
Upload the "worst summer photo" ever. The winner gets a big box of Doritos.
They picked up 142k fans with the contest.


  • You must know your brand well. Make sure you are relevant to your customers.
  • Create a Digital Culture internally.
  • Marry your agency. The more the agency knows about your business and brand strengths and weaknesses the more it will help.

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