When Filmmakers Meet Interactive Teams

Tuesday, March 13 – 2:00PM – 3:00PM
Amit Breuer Pres Amythos MediaGhassan Fayad Pres KngfuChris Harris Head of Online Content Shaw Media Group

Storming Juno
A Canadian file about storming Juno Beach in WWII. The interactive portion of the film started moving before filming of the video portion and provided an opportunity to collaborate before production actually began. Many things couldn’t not have been done if the interactive portion came after the fact. The interactive team put together visuals/proof of concepts and wireframe demo/discuss the project with the filmmakers. It helps the more linear people (filmmakers) understand the digital/interactive side.

My Sep 11th (myseptember11th.org)
The interactive piece was put together after the film was made. It included profiles of people’s experiences on Sept 11th. There is a user-created component for uploading video/text/photos of experiences.

Cafe De Fiore (theatrical release film)
The interactive portion was built around the script of the film, since it was the first piece of the film that existed. They would release different portions as the script became ready even before the film was complete. This was all released progressively up until the film was actually released in theaters. Once this was out there, the filmmakers got interested in interacting on the social networks because of the buzz that the initial released content created.

Things to ask with a combo web/film project:

  • What is the property and how much participation is there from both sides?
  • Will the director be involved on the web portion?
  • Which one creates the other?
  • Is the web just an entry point, or is it more vertical, and just promotional?
  • Who controls the different portion after the fact? Who takes on the social aspect afterwards? Make sure everyone is involved to ask these questions.s

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