Can a Social Web of Things Keep TV Cords Connected

Sunday, March 11 11:00AM -12:00PM
Alison Moore Sr VP, Digital Platforms HBOGilles BianRosa CEO FanhattanJack Flanagan VP Sales Bluefin Labs IncRhonda Lowry VP Emerging Social Web Technologies Turner Broadcasting

What is Social TV?

  • It’s currently in an evolutionary state (HBO Go). You can plug in conversationally no matter where you watch (GO, TV, Xbox etc.). How does it evolve without being disruptive to consumers. It’s all about water cooler stuff – keeping people engaged but also keeping the conversation going.
  • 1. Looking for something to watch, people use social to determine where to go with it.
    2. While I’m watching – depends on the content you’re watching.
    3. Talk about it afterwards with you friends.

Why should we care about this? People have been talking about TV forever.

  • It pinpoints the buzz and helps us to focus new activities. It is all about engagement – the tools that people expect to have when they watch content.

Impressions vs. Expressions

  • Impressions are the ratings – how many people are watching etc.
  • Expressions are what consumers are talking about – how many time something is shared etc. What is the level of engagement of consumers of a show? We can now understand what is being said. Evaluate based on the conversations about a certain show.

Studios create brands and then try to link together everything about a certain show (itunes episodes, soundtrack, hulu videos, website, etc.). A consumer should be within one click to get anything they want about the show from episodes to t-shirts.

Don’t push the conversation, but enable the conversation. Don’t just advertise your content.

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