New Mentos Sours!

While waiting for the flight to Phoenix last Saturday I was looking around the magazine shop/news stand in O’hare Airport in Chicago and discovered a new type of mentos… mentos sours.
They’re actually pretty good. They come in three flavors in a new green striped box. The flavors are sour apple, which doesn’t taste too different to the regular apple, lemon, which is noticeably more sour than the regular lemon, and watermelon which is very good!

I’m not sure if this is just a test market thing, or if these will start to show up in other places as well. Keep your eyes peeled for the new sour mentos!


gravatar Paul

I just bought the new Mentos Sours tonight and I am very dissapointed. They are barely sour.

gravatar Sarah

I agree with Paul. They were very disappointing and not sour at all.

gravatar Jessielynn

I can’t even believe it, There isn’t one ounce of sour on them. waste of money!

gravatar Brian

Well, i think you are all wrong. First of all, let me say that me and my associate consider ourselves to be Sour Mentos connoisseurs. We have noticed many important variables that go into making Sour Mentos the great candy that they indeed are. One of these variables is the amount of sour. Upon eating one package you may not notice that the amount of sour varies greatly from one candy to the next, regardless of the flavor. Sometimes you will find a rare sour mentos that is exceptionally sour and catches you by surprise. Another variable is that the watermelon flavored sour mentos have an occasional hint of mint flavor to them, and is sometimes overpowering. I couldn’t decide whether or not the producers of the mentos accidentally mixed the flavor of mint in with the watermelon flavor or if it was meant to be. I thought maybe it was just one batch, but as months went on, my theory seemed to be proven wrong. This also varied. Not all watermelons had mint flavoring, but most. And also the amount of mint flavoring per watermelon varied. Another variable that has just recently been noted upon was a hint of vanilla flvor scattered among all of the flavors of sour mentos. This vanilla flavor was not in all of the mentos, but perhaps 20% of them in a package. It seemed to me that the brown speckles on the outer surface that started to appear as i noticed the change, seemed to decide the amount of vanilla per candy. Although i have never proven this theory either, it was one of the more elusive theories that i have tried to prove. These were the main variables that i noticed in the sour mentos. We are still researching to see how often a new variable joins and so on. I will report back to you with new news on what i like to call the best candy on earth, simply because you never do know exactly what to except.

gravatar Brian

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