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The Hype Machine

I’m not a huge fan of traditional radio. I don’t listen to it very often (usually listen to podcasts in the car). I guess I just don’t like the hear the same 20 songs played over and over again. With that being said, I still do want to find sources for new music. In searching… Read more »

Broadcast Your Skills with Sclipo

As their tagline suggests, Sclipo is a site where good folks can upload videos of their mad skillz. I like this site because it isn’t just a collection of youtube-like random videos. It has the specific focus of demonstrating skills. There are some tutorial videos on here, and there are some pretty impressive “look what… Read more »

Package Mapping

I’m waiting on a couple packages to arrive (one from DHL, and one from UPS) and I like to follow their progress on the tracking sites. OK, I check it about every other hour. I ran across a pretty cool site that maps (via Google maps) progress of a package as it travels across the… Read more »

Thunderbird 2.0 Released

The Mozilla Foundation has an early birthday present for me, Thunderbird 2.0! I’ve actually been using the latest Release Candidate for the past week or so and have been pretty happy with it. There is nice collection of new features. Message Tags: Create your own tags for organizing email. Messages can be assigned any number… Read more »

You Don’t Know Jack

Jack is back! The crazy pop-culture game You Don’t Know Jack is online again. These were originally CD-ROM party games back in the day. I can even remember playing an early Netshow version of these games in the mid 90’s, back before the boom (it took quite a while for them to load on… Read more »

May the Force be…

…on your next postage stamp. The good ole USPS will be issuing Star Wars postage stamps in late May. Nobody likes that postage rates are going up (except for the USPS – duh!), but at least this will make the price hike easier on the eyes even if it’s not as easy on the wallet…. Read more »

SXSW Notes

We’ve set up a notes blog where we’ve been collecting all of our notes from South by Southwest Interactive Conference. Most of these posts are just disjointed note-taking from our sessions, but they’re probably more valuable online than in some notebook stuck away on a shelf somewhere.

Off to SXSW Interactive

Tomorrow I’m jumping on a plane to Austin, TX for South by Southwest Interactive Festival for work. I’ve wanted to attend this conference for several years, and I’m really excited to finally be able to make it. I don’t have any clue what panels I’m going to attend yet, but I’m sure there will be… Read more »

King Nutter

Do you ever just think to yourself, “Man, I wish there were some site out them there Internets that I could see a collection of weird ebay auctions and videos recently removed from YouTube!” Your wish has come true! King Nutter is just that site. They have a random hodgepodge of crazy ebay stuff, and… Read more »

Copyright – Orphan Works Reform

I’ve been a fan of Lawrance Lessig for a while. He is a Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and founder of the school’s Center for Internet and Society. He is a large proponent of Copyright regulation, and was one of the founding members of the Creative Commons license. He has recently put together… Read more »

I Love Music Video

Who doesn’t love a good YouTube lip-sync of a popular song?!? Well you can thank your lucky stars… there is now a way to find them by searching a particular artist! will give you a long list (depending on the singer) of YouTube videos from whatever artist you’re looking for. It’s not only great… Read more »

2007 Bloggies

It’s time again this year to vote for your favorite blogs of 2007. The Bloggie Awards have opened up voting for this year’s awards in a number of categories. Time once again to get out your blogrolls. The Weblog Awards are a non-profit project created in 2001 to award the best blogs. All the Bloggie… Read more »

The Day Traditional Photography (equipment) Died

A little late on this post, but the day after Christmas there was a little bit of housecleaning done at Frederick’s Photography. Over 1100 lbs. of old traditional photography equipment was loaded up and taken to the scrap yard. It was kind of a sad day to see thousands of dollars worth of equipment being… Read more »

Google 2006 Zeitgeist

The Google year end Zeitgeist data is out once again this year. The year-end Zeitgeist is a list of the top searches in various categories on Google. Most year’s results are things I’ve at least heard of. This year there were some interesting things on the list that were foreign to me. Hmmm, what should… Read more »

My New (musical) Friend

It has finally happened. I’m now the proud owner of a shiny green iPod Nano. I’ve used iPods since the first one was released way back when (we’ve used a couple of them at work), but haven’t ever had one of my own that I could load up with my music until now. I’ve lovingly… Read more »