AOL Kills Netscape

ripnetscape.jpgAfter being on life support for many many years, AOL has finally killed the web browser that started them all. AOL is pulling the plug on Netscape. There really hasn’t been much of a flutter from the browser for quite some time, and not it is officially done. AOL will be cutting off support in Feb ’08. It has been near death for quite some time with AOL disbanding their browser division again and again over the years just to release another (sad) version of the browser. The death nells began playing when Netscape sold to AOL back in 1999. The browser had a great history and thankfully the code was open-sourced and became the wonderful Firefox browser. Even though Netscape hasn’t been a player for a long long time, and AOL basically ran it into the ground quickly after purchasing it, it’s sad to see one of the big reasons the internet took off be put to rest.

R.I.P. Netscape Navigator 1994-2008

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