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Guitar Hero Christmas Lights

Now these are some Christmas lights! This is another one of my favorites in the Christmas light department (be sure to dig into the making-of videos).

2009 Holiday Gift Guide

What started a few years ago as a collection of helpful gift guides for my own gift giving has turned into a yearly endeavor. Here is the 2009 list. Most of these are geared more towards geeks and gadgets, but there are several for more general gift giving. If I run across more, I’ll keep… Read more »

USPS Virtual Box Simulator

I recently made a sale on ebay, and needed to figure out shipping charges when I ran across a cool new app from the good ole United States Postal Service. It’s called Virtual Box Simulator, and will help you determine which priority mail box is the best size for your items. All you have to… Read more »


How well does the Internet know you? I’m sure we’ve all googled ourselves at one time or another. The results from search engines can be a bit messy. If you want a more elegant depiction of how you’re represented on the Interwebs, give Personas a try. Personas is a component of the Metropath(ologies) exhibit, currently… Read more »

College Mindset List

The new school year is just about upon us -classes start here on Monday. With the influx of new students (and the departure of good parking places), your mind starts to drift back to the time when you were a scared freshman, out in the world for the first time. Beloit College has been putting… Read more »

Unnecessary Re-branding

Last week, word hit the Internets that Radio Shack was rumored to be re-branding themselves simply as “The Shack.” Since that rumor first hit, they have confirmed that it’s not just a rumor, and they will, in fact be changing their name to”The Shack” in the coming months. That doesn’t really make much sense to… Read more »

Redesign #3 for

You may have noticed that things have changed a bit around here. I’ve been working on a new design off and on for a couple months now, and have finally gotten to a point where it is “done enough” to implement. As these things go, it will probably never be “done.” In this new design,… Read more »

New Book Suggestions from Book Army

A couple years ago I was on the hunt for a site to keep track a small bit of information on all the books I read in a given year. What I eventually settled on was a service called LibraryThing, that I’ve been using for quite a while now. When I started looking for this… Read more »

Netflix Warehouse Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered what happens when you send back a Netflix DVD for a new one? The Boston Globe has put together a great photo walkthrough of a Netflix receiving warehouse. It is a lot less automated than I had assumed. A small army of people turn around an average of 60,000 DVD’s every… Read more »

You Should Have Seen This

Greg Rutter’s Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You’re a Loser or Old or Something I haven’t seen all of these, and I don’t know if I’m better off for it or not. Maybe I’m a loser or old or something.

What if the Internet Disappeared?

Last week I was talking to a coworker of mine and somehow the conversation moved towards the possibility of the internet disappearing. She came out and asked  me what I would do if the internet was gone. It’s an interesting question to think about since the Internet has become such an important part of our… Read more »

Happy Birthday Doom

One of the original, first person shooters turns 15 years old today. The video game Doom was released by ID Software in December of 1993 (a follow-up to Wolfenstein 3D). I don’t think I started playing Doom until the summer of 1994, when a friend (who had spent the time downloading it on a painfully… Read more »

2008 Holiday Gift Guides

A happy Cyber Monday to you all! I started putting together lists of (geek) gift guides mainly for myself a few years back to help with my holiday shopping. So with the shopping season now officially upon us, here’s this years list. I’ve chosen these lists because they appeal to me, and the people on… Read more »