Some Interesting Web Galleries

The past few weeks I’ve had a few fun web galleries fall into my lap with some unique collections of site, or taking a trip back in time exploring the history of the web.

Simone’s Collection of Web Desktops

This is a gallery of website meant to act like a computer desktop. These are a bit annoying to use, but fun at the same time.

Timeline of Web Design Evolution

This gallery includes a collection of popular websites, then lets you jump back in time to see their design evolution. It’s interesting to look at web design trends going back to the late 90’s.

Flash Game History

This one is pretty relevant given that Adobe Flash will stop working in a little over 100 days. Like the design evolution above, Flash definitely shaped what the webs looked like. This site takes a look at the history of Flash games and how it changed the video game industry. I can remember playing a lot of these games over the years.

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