Palm OS Retrospective

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I love these types of nostalgia inducing articles that take a look over computing history. Ars Technica just came out with one covering the history of Palm: Palm OS and the devices that ran it: An Ars retrospective. A Palm device is where I, along with many people, jumped into handheld computing, which with smart phones, we take for granted today. Palm the company may have been a bit ahead of its time, but seemed to have been mismanaged and bought and sold a lot, which eventually led its downfall. The article does a nice job of covering the early history of the company and what made this new area of tech take off, but they gloss over the end of lift for Palm as the moved into the smartphone era and Apple changed the game. I was one of the (probably very few) owners of the Palm Pre, which was a pretty unique device that did some things at the time that the smart phones it was up against couldn’t do. In fact, my old Palm Pre is still sitting on a shelf at home gathering dust.

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