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Another Nintendo in a Nintendo

Remember the last Nintendo Cartridge Nintendo? This one takes it a step further, adding a controller and a screen to the package. Now you don’t even need to have a TV to play your cartridge-sized Nintendo. This one doesn’t look like you can play more than one game though. Oh well, it’s still pretty cool.

Nintendo in a Nintendo Cartridge

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any smaller, this guy (blog in French) mods an entire old school Nintendo Entertainment System to fit into a Super Mario Brothers Cartridge. Sweet!

Super Mario Brothers in 14kb Javascript

This is nothing short of impressive. Nihilogic has written a partial level of the original Super Mario Brothers game in 14kb of code entirely with javascript! This is the technology that makes your websites work being used to write a game that was pretty cutting edge when it was released. Give it a try!

Crayon Physics Game

I ran across a really cool looking game tonight called Crayon Physics Deluxe. The game itself isn’t out yet, but you can download and play a prototype of the game (minus the “deluxe”) from the Kloonigames Blog. This looks pretty cool, and I’m looking forward to the release of the full version. Crayon Physics Deluxe… Read more »

Play This Thing

Awesome online game site, Play This Thing puts up a game and a review every day. Some of my favorites: Good ole Desktop Tower Defense “The Most Sacrilegious Game Ever” Bible Fight

Casual Gameplay Design Competition

I really like these little game developer competitions. They usually have some nice results that are not only fun to play, but outside the realm of your typical games. recently had a competition where entries were judged on repeat plays. They wanted games that kept you coming back for more. The winners have been… Read more »

Nintendo in Your Browser

This is somewhat along the lines of my previous old school computer games posts. Now it’s not just old computer games, but you can now play old school console games right inside your browser too. Nintendo 8 offers a nice list of your favorite NES games via java from inside your web browser. They all… Read more »

You Don’t Know Jack

Jack is back! The crazy pop-culture game You Don’t Know Jack is online again. These were originally CD-ROM party games back in the day. I can even remember playing an early Netshow version of these games in the mid 90’s, back before the boom (it took quite a while for them to load on… Read more »

Guess The Logo

I like to keep my eyes open for different logos, whether that be on the web or driving around in the real world. This fun little game test how well you remember common logos from several prominent web companies. I got a 68.92%. See how well you fare a logo identification. (hint: Amazon is smiling… Read more »

Super Smash Flash

Ever wish you could pit your favorite old-school video games characters against each other? Ever wondered what it would be like if the Metroid man woman were in a battle to the death with Mario, or what would happen if Sonic the Hedgehog were to fight Link from Zelda? Well, wonder now more… Super Smash… Read more »

Google Flight Simulator

Just like you could drive a racecar through New York, You can now fly an airplane over several cities around the word. Googles, the Google Maps Flight Sim is a little Flash app that puts you in a little green and yellow plane where you can fly all over Google Maps satellite pictures of the… Read more »

101 Free Games

Not 99, not 100, but 101 FREE Games on the internet. These are the cruddy flash games you see everywhere (there have got to be WAY more than 101 of those). Computer Gaming World has put together a pretty extensive list of actual decent games to download free from the net. So, if you were… Read more »

Street Wars

Check out this live action assassin game in LA. At the beginning of this three-week game, people that have signed up to play get an envelope that includes: A picture of their intended target(s) The home address of their intended target(s) The work address of their intended target(s) The name of their intended target(s) Contact… Read more »

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Games

The smallest web games in the world! This image is not a thumbnail, that is actual size! Pong PacMan Asteroids Breakout TicTacToe Footy Life Pinball Simon F1 Racer Maze Space Drum Piano Fruit (slot machine) Arena Don’t go blind playing!

Lemmings in a Browser

I guess this is along the same lines as my recent “old school games” posts. Someone has created a web version of Lemmings using DHTML. It has been quite some time since I’ve played this game! I started playing and got hooked on it last night making it all the way to level 11. I… Read more »