Super Smash Flash

Super Smash FlashEver wish you could pit your favorite old-school video games characters against each other? Ever wondered what it would be like if the Metroid man woman were in a battle to the death with Mario, or what would happen if Sonic the Hedgehog were to fight Link from Zelda? Well, wonder now more… Super Smash Flash is a flash game that lets you throw old-school video game characters into battle with each other (street fighter style).


gravatar Kevin

The “Metroid Man” as you say, is actually a woman named Samus…
minus 20 geek points for you (one for every year the game Metroid has exisited.)


gravatar Samus

Well, you’ve obviously never taken me to the end of the game, Scott. Hmm . . . can’t “close the deal”?

gravatar Jon

Ouch. Scott was geek smoked. I just went through Super Metroid on an emulater at work recently. Sweet game. Can’t wait for Super Smash Brawl and the Zero Suit. 🙂

gravatar phillip

my (smf) isnt working evey time i beat a stage or battle everything dissipers exept the background??

gravatar eric

the maker should make a second one with metal sonic and more naruto characters

gravatar aciel olivares

i can´t change the colors of the characteres? but i dont know if is possible plis ansewer

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