You Don’t Know Jack

ydkj.jpgJack is back! The crazy pop-culture game You Don’t Know Jack is online again. These were originally CD-ROM party games back in the day. I can even remember playing an early Netshow version of these games in the mid 90’s, back before the boom (it took quite a while for them to load on dial-up). If I remember correctly, it used to be a multi-player game where you could screw your friends while playing. This new one is just the single-player version, but hopefully now that they seem to be releasing new episodes somewhat regularly the good ‘ole multi-player version will be back again soon.

I played a round, and it is a lot tougher than I remember! Maybe I’m not as quick as I used to be.

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gravatar Kieran

What an eerie coincidence: Tina and I were just singing one of the intro-songs from an original cd-rom game the other day. We used to play YDKJ non-stop when we were undergrad. I think the song we were singing goes a little something like this:
“Question Number fifteen, and I like it too!”

Then there was the ever-popular,
“Put your head down the latrine, ease your way with sour cream, Sixteen.”

Ah, memories. I miss YDKJ!

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