Street Wars

Check out this live action assassin game in LA. At the beginning of this three-week game, people that have signed up to play get an envelope that includes:

  • A picture of their intended target(s)
  • The home address of their intended target(s)
  • The work address of their intended target(s)
  • The name of their intended target(s)
  • Contact information of their intended target(s)

Then they have to go around and kill (with water guns) the targets provided. Once a target has been killed they hand their target info over to the killer. It lasts till someone is the only one left. How cool is that?


gravatar Brian

oooh that would be fun if I wasn’t constantly ultra busy. I can just imagine constantly plotting, stalking, and working out. Just like real assasins.

gravatar Troy

The Greek organizations at my undergrad school used to do this every year. The rules stated you couldn’t do it in the residence halls or classrooms, so you’d see people sprinting from class to class. Good stuff.

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