Lemmings in a Browser

lemming.jpgI guess this is along the same lines as my recent “old school games” posts.

Someone has created a web version of Lemmings using DHTML. It has been quite some time since I’ve played this game! I started playing and got hooked on it last night making it all the way to level 11. I remember it being much harder than this.


gravatar Kieran

I played this for a bout 45 minutes the other night. I forgot how much fun a simlpe (non-violent) game like lemmings could be!

gravatar Frian Biddelke

Non-violent?! Lemmings fall off things and splat, you can create suicide-bomber lemmings, and you can also nuke the entire planet of lemmings. But yea, it’s an ultra-fun predominantly non-violent time passer.

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